Episode 1

Published on:

17th Apr, 2023


Published on:

18th Oct, 2022

Episode 39

Published on:

25th Jul, 2022

Episode 38

Published on:

11th Jul, 2022

Episode 37

Published on:

20th Jun, 2022

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About the Podcast

Idiot Ezra Podcast
Ezra shares his bad jokes and tackles B rated Movies, Video Games, Esports, Interviews and much more.
From the host of Idiot Sports Talk. Here a podcast that gets personal and random. While having several drinks, Ezra and Marvin's talk about their weekly adventures, interests (travel, business, gaming), and probably because of the drinking, we steer off course and get random about our topics. Please take ride with us. It's gonna be bumpy, funny and lost!

Ezra Twitter: https://twitter.com/idiotezra
Marvin Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElGumby7

Follow the twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/idiotezra

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Things I hate: The cold
Things I love: Avoiding the cold